Our firm of pigs trading was founded back in 1919 from our grandfather Marco Antonio, the first of sixteen brothers and sisters. When he came back from First World War, Marco Antonio decided to dedicate himself to a new activity, different from cultivating the land. He began with a horse and a handcart, going around markets and the countryside, buying and selling pigs. With time, his business started to grow. Marco Antonio’s third son, Giovanni, continued on his father’s steps.

On the 18th August of 1954, Giovanni established the first wholesale company pigs, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo - n° 41346. In the following years, the company received various awards in multiple occasions, around the regional livestock markets.

In 1978, the firm passed under the direction of Adriano, the first born of Giovanni’s three children, and it was named lsoardi Giovanni & C s.n.c. In 2002 Fabio, Adriano‘s son, joinedlthe company and launched Alpi del Mare Suini s.r.l (Alps of the Sea Pigs s.r.l.)